We sincerely thank you for purchasing the Nezoom Gold Cartridge "Alastere". Please understand that, due to the nature of the game, questions about how to proceed through the game cannot be answered all at once.

Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game. Then save this book for future reference.

  • Please set the power switch to OFF before inserting the game cartridge.
  • If you get a blank screen when you turn on the power, make sure the cartridge has been inserted correctly.
  • When you are finished playing, please set the power switch to OFF, and then remove the cartridge.
  • Do not expose the cartridge to extremely hot temperatures.
  • Do not shock or disassemble the cartridge.
  • Do not touch the pins or get them wet.
  • Do not wipe the cartridge with gasoline/petrol, paint thinner, or other such chemicals.


Welcome to the world of ALASTERE! ALASTERE is a new type of game for your console called a "Role Playing Game". Will you survive to uncover the lost secrets of ALASTERE?

When you turn on your Nezoom console, if the game is set up properly, you will eventually see the screen above. Please press START to begin your journey throgh the world of ALASTERE.


K'sarian is like many Fennic his age. He is recently out of school, and he is deep into debt. He wishes to be able to do research, but his world is taken for a loop when his contract is sold by his friend Merric to the mysterious Priest Sky.
What perils await K'sarian as he follows Sky through the world of ALASTERE? Can K'sarian's unique skills keep him safe?


The World of Alastere can be a dangerous one! It is important to know some important things.


The Del are made up of four different races, each with strengths and weaknesses.

A proud race of Del who prefer to solve problems themselves than rely on magic too extensively. An Ura would never trust their fate to machines!

A race of Del who have strong elemental magic. Valuing impulse and quick thinking, a Lagre always tries to follow their heart, wherever that leads them.

A smaller race of Del who make up for their physical shortcomings with powers of the mind. Why should a Fennic settle when a problem can be solved better?

A race of Del with a strong link to light and dark magics. Calm and collected, a Drago can be seen as distant, although they are passionate for what they believe in.

Due to the closed cultures of many Del, Half-Bloods are generally shunned, symbols of shame for their different parents. A half-blood Del would likely hide their secret very well...


Many join with Sky on his journey through the world of Alastere. What other characters may join his quest in the future?

NAME: K'sarian Sui'kune
CLASS: Machinesmith
AGE: 16
RACE: Fennic
Dragged into the quest by his friend Merric, K'sarian would rather be working on his research than traveling.
NAME: Merric Malady
CLASS: Firesinger
AGE: 18
RACE: Lagre
A refugee at a young age, Merric is very skilled at charming his way into what he needs. He generally prefers to not fight.
CLASS: Breaker
AGE: 21
Tough and strong, Lum doesn't talk much. A friend of Merric's, Lum is very protective of her friends. She and Arntta seem to have a history.
NAME: Sky Fullbright
CLASS: Priest
AGE: 18
RACE: Drago
A young Priest on his pathfinding, Sky recruits the group into joining him on his quest. Sky is very friendly, but could he be hiding something?
NAME: Arntta Tintine
CLASS: Trickster
AGE: 18
RACE: Lagre
Proud and rash, the party finds her at an old temple. Arntta's hot head can get her in trouble, but there's no questioning her loyalty to a cause.
NAME: Dia Gearheart
CLASS: Mindlink
AGE: 16
RACE: Fennic
Bright and cheerful, Dia is a strong psychic. Inexperienced but positive, Dia is eager to prove to her father she isn't a child any more.

Here is the default configuration of the Controller for ALASTERE. You can change it to suit your own style in the OPTIONS menu.

CONTROL PAD: Use the Control Pad to move your characters around. It is also used to move the cursor and switch window displays.

SELECT BUTTON: Use the Select Button when outside of battle to view the World Map. In battles, it can be used to toggle Auto-Battle ON/OFF.

START BUTTON: The Start Button is used to pause the game during normal play. It is also used to continue at the title screen or name entry screen.

A BUTTON: You will use the A Button most often. It is the "action" button. Use it to choose commands, and do things in the game, such as opening chests, entering doors, and talking to people.

X BUTTON: Use the X Button to open or close the Menu Screen.

Y BUTTON: The Y button opens the Character Switch Screen when you're on the Map Screen or Field Screens. When in a Vehicle, the Y button opens the Vehicle Menu.

B BUTTON: In the Field Screen, holding the B Button while walking allows you to "Dash".

L/R BUTTON: In Battle, L and R can switch between multiple Active characters. You can also reset the game at any time by pressing L+R+Start+Select.


SPACEMOUSE lives in New Hampshire. You are free to contact them at mouse[at]alastere.com.
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